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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's quarter to 3, and David's just informed me that he has a doctor's appointment in an hour. He starts the conversation with "I'm just gonna make some tea (AKA: Do you want your bucket filled?)", so as to appear generous, and then checks that I can stay late until he gets back.

Why oh why oh why didn't he ask me yesterday instead of an hour before he's off? I ask him every week if he's OK with our normal hours and every week he says yes. If it was his day to work until half 4 he'd be off by ten past.

As he hobbled down the metal steps I found myself wondering whether that huge belly would cusion his fall or make it harder, what with the extra weight. I hope this never happens, because it would be a hilarious sight and people might get the wrong impression if my immediate reaction involves an outburst of laughter. I would still be concerned, it would just be funny.


I've realised that sweet songwriter music is the right thing for working here. Now it's the turn of Sufjan Stevens' 'Illinoise', which I think is good but far too long.


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