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Friday, November 17, 2006

Obviously I can't hear what's being said on the other end, but it's my guess that this wasn't entirely in line with the start of David's telephone call with the IT technician. Suddenly he goes;

"Two parrots are sitting on a perch. One of them says; 'Do you smell fish?'"

I've highlightd the key to the genius of this dit, because I had to get him to explain it to me. I think there's part of my brain that is ignorant to jokes of this quality. Kevin asked if I was blonde; referring to the fact that I didn't get the joke and the old stereotype that blondes are stupid, swiftly followed by "do you want a hamburger?" Apparently this comment refers to the following "joke";

'A blonde walks into a library and shouts 'HELLO!' 'Shhh', says the librarian, 'this is a library'. 'Oh sorry', whispers the blonde, 'can I get a hamburger meal please?'

The stupid thing is that after Kevin's original comment him and David wouldn't tell me what the joke was. Kevin didn't tell me because he wanted to wind me up. David didn't tell me becaue he didn't know, but wanted to make it look like he was winding me up. That's Naval banter for you.


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