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Friday, November 24, 2006

So I'm home right now; finished at 2pm. Pretty busy day at work. Morning was quite quiet so I spent it catching up on admin, then three people came in after one another to be enrolled onto the ECDL. Each one takes about half an hour and is pretty knackering, as the whole thing is kind of like a presentation, showing the learner how to access the course and submit work etc. So a pretty knackering day for me.

And what did David do?
Fuck All.

Apart from starting the day with the customary fart up the stairs he literally did nothing except sit in the office and drink coffee (black, two scoops of coffee), staining his beard in the process. So not many opportunities for dits, as he didn't even bother sititng at his desk all day.

However when I told him I had nothing planned for tonight he suggested that I take up the Jewish harp, because "people really take notice when you start playing that".



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